The following article is from Playboy, July 1999:

Women on the Verge: Charisma Carpenter
Interview By Rob Hill

Charisma Carpenter. Born and raised in Las Vegas, Charisma (named after a perfume by her mom) lived in Mexico and San Diego before settling in Los Angeles to pursue acting. When not battling vampires, she likes to Rollerblade, rock climb, skydive and hike.

Charisma is best known as the sharp-witted Cordelia Chase on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but she has also appeared on Baywatch, Malibu Shores and was in the film Timemaster.  This fall she will have her breakout role in the Buffy spin-off, Angel, where she plays the lead.

Because Charisma is about to step into the light...and flourish.

And now, a word with Charisma....

Playboy Online: How old were you when you first gambled?

Charisma Carpenter: I was 15 and with my boyfriend at the time. Pretty young, huh?

PO: Any crazy Vegas stories from your youth?

CC: [Laughs] None that I care to share with Playboy readers.

PO: What do you remember about your first kiss?

CC: It was soooo good. I was in the second grade and we were watching a film in class, and me and this boy went behind an easy chair. I loved it!

PO: Do you believe in vampires?

CC: No, I don't dwell on the darkness. But this old woman from Transylvania who I met at a car dealership told me some folk tales and myths about them that were very convincing.

PO: Are there Buffy groupies?

CC: I don't know, but a few years ago at a Planet Hollywood opening there were all these people that showed up in vampire and goth garb and cheered us [the cast].

PO: What's something you've thrown away that you regret?

CC: Well, this is gonna sound horrible, but a few years back I gave my favorite pair of jeans to my godmother, who gives clothes away to kids in her neighborhood. She's coming to town soon, and I asked her if I could have them back. So she's bringing them. [Laughs]

PO: Do you have any nicknames?

CC: About ten! But I will only tell you one because Playboy readers are very special.  "Cro." My brother calls me that because I used to be in love with this Cro-Magnon-looking guy who had a big uni-brow.

PO: Has a pickup line ever worked on you?

CC: Yes. He said, "The moment I saw you I wanted to marry you." I'm still with him.

PO: If you were a car, what car would you be?

CC: I'm a total car chick. It would have to be a Fifties Corvette.

PO: Have you ever bought something from an infomercial?

CC: [Laughs] Yes, a 14-carat gold-linked necklace.

PO: If you could drop everything right now and go anywhere, where would it be?

CC: Where I just came back from: Peru. They had the most amazing ruins was like a fantasy.

PO: Marriage: yes or no?

CC: Yes! I'm totally down with it.

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