The following article is from Seventeen, September 1999:

David Boreanaz and Charisma Carpenter graduate from Buffy and take on the dark side of LA in their brand-new series, Angel.
by Eliza Bergman Krause

Some Buffy characters will be visiting Angel. Can you tell us who?
Boreanaz: Xander (Nicholas Brendon) or Oz (Seth Green) or Spike (James Marsters)

And Buffy herself?
Boreanaz: I don't think you've heard the last of Buffy and Angel- there's another story to be told concerning the 2 of them. But I think right now they need their space, so their communication will be from afar.

What do you have in common with your characters?
Carpenter: Cordelia is honest and forth-coming, and I'm like that too.  Sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes it's not. I'm more down home and athletic than she is. She has to be fixed up to go to the grocery store.
Boreanaz: I'm definately a night creature. I tend to really wake up in the evening. I'm not a morning person- unless golf is in the picture.

Who was your first sweetheart?
Carpenter: Danny M. He was Hawaiian- American and we dated from fourth to seventh grade. But he dumped me for an eighth grader who put out.
Boreanaz: Rachal R. She was a friend of the family. We were three years old.  My sisters used to marry us off, and we'd make out in the closet. It was like, "There go David and Rachal, kissing."

Which part of your body  were you the most sensitive about while growing up?
Carpenter: When I was 13, I had a pool party; my feet were awful from ballet- I had bunions, calluses, hammertoes- so I wore socks to my party and even swam in them.
Boreanaz: My feet are not that attractive, but they're feet- what do you expect? But I love women's feet. I have to admit I have a big foot fetish.

So your wife Ingrid must have great feet.
Boreanaz: Exactly. She's got great legs and toes.

I heard you met her at a party. Was it love at first sight?
Boreanaz: No, it wasn't. It was love built opon strength, endurance, and patience.

Charisma, you were born in Las Vegas. Did you ever dream of becoming a showgirl?
Carpenter: Never. But between the ages of 8 and 14, I had a good time touring the local Travel Lodges in talent shows. I was in a group called the Young Entertainers.

Did you guys ever get in trouble when you were kids?
Carpenter: I was grounded every weekend- usually because of my low GPA- or sneaking out, or going for a spin in my dad's car which was totally off limits.....but it wasn't my fault!
Boreanaz: When I was 3 or 4, I went into my uncle's bathroom, took out the red Murcurochrome (an antiseptic) and spilled it all over the place. I hid the bottle, thinking they'd never find out. Everybody was like, "Who spilled the Murcurochrome? David, did you do it?" "No." Of course it was all over my hands.

Before you broke into acting, what were the worst jobs you'd ever had?
Boreanaz: I sold gourmet meats door-to-door- that lasted a week.
Carpenter: I was a really bad waitress. I would have a section with maybe 5 tables- 3 tables hated me and 2 of them loved me. I had no consistency.

It's almost fall, and you know what that means. Any back-to-school advice?
Carpenter: There's this huge misconception that when you get out of high school, everybody's going to be much more mature. The truth is, high school is like boot camp. The social pecking order and all that stuff you're struggling through still exists in the real world. So you need to hone those survival skills now.
Boreanaz: Be truthful to yourself, have fun, and don't take anything too seriously. It's only a period in your life- you'll get over it. You might be the ugly ducking now, but in 10 years they'll be knocking down your door.

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