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EAMC Host: Good evening everyone

EAMC Host: Welcome Charisma Carpenter of "Buffy"

EAMC Guest: Thanks its so great to be here!

EAMC Host: Let's get started with our first question

EAMC Host: Here is a question from Oliv19817 for Charisma Carpenter: i was wondering what its like to work with DAVID &NICK.they seem to be great guys.are they?

EAMC Guest: Yes they are awesome guys. David is a consummate professional. He always knows all of his lines and very professional but when it comes to not working he's the prankster on the set! Nicky is really witty and smart and always has a wisecrack

EAMC Host: Here is a question from AHAces14 for Charisma Carpenter to Charisma: How do you feel about the fact that Cordelia has changed from a brat to a much nicer person in the last season?

EAMC Guest: You think so? Much nicer? Well I don't want her to lose her edge but she is most entertaining when she is bratty! :)

Question: how do you lik,e working with sarsh michelle Gellar ?

EAMC Guest: I love working with her - she is really talented, always prepared and a total veteran! We work well together, we have great chemisty - its like our own family we are very close!

Question: What will Jamie Kennedy be doing on the season finale, and will he be enter-acting with your character?

EAMC Guest: I didn't know we got him! I'm learning from the fans!

Question: What is something that people would be surprised to know about you?

EAMC Guest: Considering that my character is so mean I guess I should say I have a heart and I love my dogs and I'm a nice person!

Question: Do you have any plans for anything besides Buffy coming up?

EAMC Guest: Not yet - I'm auditioning now for the summer but I can't really audition for a pilot because I have a tv show - so I'm concentrating on feature films!

Question: charisma, how did you land the role as Cordelia? and what's it like working with such a great cast (sarah, nick, alyson, anthony, david, seth, etc.)

EAMC Guest: Actually, Buffy put me in second position because I already had a gig called Malibu Shores and at the urging of my agent I auditioned for Buffy and I'm so glad I did!

Question: When my cousins and I are together we play BUFFY with the show. How does it feel to have people notice and be like you?

EAMC Guest: Well this is the first time I've ever heard of it. This is very flattering and very sweet. Thanks so much!

Question: Hi i am one of your biggest fans!  When me and my sister go to Florida to visit my cousin we always play BUFFY. When we do I play you- cause i look must like you. What is your favorite thing to do when you are not working onthe set of "BUFFY?"

EAMC Guest: Sleep in until 10! When I have free time I like to flip through magazines, play with my dogs, relax and take a breather!

Question: Hi I love your work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Do you find Cordelia to be a more challenging role than Ashley on Malibu Shores

EAMC Guest: No I think its getting easier now because I've had more time to spend on Cordelia I didn't really know Ashley's character too well

Question: WE LOVE YOU CHARISMA!!!!!  Please tell me it's not true: Your not leaving the show are you? I heard you were getting married, and  saying "ba bye" to Buffy.

EAMC Guest: What??? That's a phat rumor! I'm not leaving! :)

Question: How do you keep from ravishing David Boreanaz during your scenes with him?

EAMC Guest: I don't work that much with David. I spend more time with him off the screen - we spend time together during the day so I'm not tempted on the set

Question: Was is going to happen in the future to Xander and Cordelia's relationship?

EAMC Guest: I don't know .... you will have to tune in and watch! :)

Question: Hi Charisma, I LOVED you in Malibu Shores!! I love you in Buffy too.  My question is: Isn't CHRISTIAN CAMPBELL A HUNK OF LOVE?  Me and my friends here think so. Thanks for all the laughs!!

EAMC Guest: Yeah! Where did you pull that from? Malibu Shores?

Question: have any good beauty tips?

EAMC Guest: Pinch your cheeks - look healthy - have a little color - and dab a little lip gloss on your lips so they don't get chapped! :)

Question: I heard rumors about a spin-off show sometime in 1999---can you give any details?

EAMC Guest: No I havent' heard that rumor and I don't know anything about a spin off show.  As far as I know I don't know if they have anything planned!

EAMC Host: We are chatting live with Charisma Carpenter of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," the hit WB show

Question: Is it true that your going to be in the movie Scream3 or is it just a rumur?

EAMC Guest: Rumor, just a rumor.

Question: Charisma, what is your most remeberable time on the Buffy the Vampire set?

EAMC Guest: Probably just recently because we just wrapped a few days ago and we had a huge feast and David was off at lunch time and so he came in and everyone in the production office and everyone's friends and tonight is the wrap party so kick off the end of this

Question: how old when you started acting

EAMC Guest: I have only been acting for 3 years professionally.  I was going to be an english teacher and I was working in a restaurant and I was a hostess with the mostess! And someone referred me to their manager and I had a bad experience and through that bad experience came a good experience and I picked up an acting class and started studying and I got the bug and the rest is history!

Question: will angel ever become good again?

EAMC Guest: I don't know! but you know what everyone is complaining that he went bad and they loved him good but I think he's having a good time being bad! He's got the fun role and he can show a lot of range.

Question: Hi Charisma! I really love u on Buffy! Here's my question: Do u like where Cordelia's character is going? Like how she talked back to Harmony when she made fun of Xander?

EAMC Guest: Hi Angel girl! Yes I like that very much! It was very fun and I think its good that she is somewhat nice but I'm looking forward to her being more bratty because I don't want her to lose her edge! She's gotta provide some conflict! Every drama needs conflict!

Question: How is it like working with Joss Whedon?

EAMC Guest: I love Joss - he is a mastermind and he's really fun to watch because he knows what he wants.  A fun thing happened the other day - i was walking on the stage and their was this hooting and hollering and there was Joss on a gurney and Alyson was pushing him.

Question: Do you drive the same kind of car off tha show, that you do on? It's an awesome car!

EAMC Guest: No - I asked for the car but they havent' given it to me yet!

Question: Charisma, do you and other girls on the show ever go out on the town together, girls night out?

EAMC Guest: Yes! All the time, all the time. We shop, we are planning to go to the museum.  Not much drinking involved - I went shopping with Alyson the other day because we were planning for her birthday party...

Question: When is the season finale?

EAMC Guest: The date? i'm not sure - April 24th I think is when the last 4 episodes start running so we will be in reruns until then...

Question: can you tell us anything that is going to happen in the season finale?

EAMC Guest: Gosh! I don't want to get into trouble! But the season finale is fun, you will be shocked, lots of mayhem, cliffhangers and your heart strings will be pulled!

EAMC Host: Charisma, thank you for joining us tonight here in AOL Live and on the Entertainment Asylum

EAMC Guest: Thank you guys so much for having me and be sure to catch the
last four episodes of Buffy beginning April 24!

EAMC Host: We will all be watching the the next four episodes of the show
very closely!!!

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