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This week: It's an Angel-o-rama, straight from the stars themselves!

You guys sure don't do very well with mystery. Every time I open my email, it's the same question: "What can you tell me about Angel?" But, see, the thing is, you already know the basics.

It's a Buffy spinoff starring Angel (David Boreanaz) as his brooding self, Cordy (Charisma Carpenter) as the girl most likely to zing ya with a one-liner and Glenn Quinn (yes, that guy from Roseanne) as an Irishman named Doyle.

You probably also know that beautiful Elisabeth Rohm has just been cast as love interest Kate (pictured below per your request). And you are likely clued in that this anti-Scooby gang is taking up residence on the non-90210 streets of L.A.

There's not much else I can tell you--but I've tracked down some people who can:

Glenn Quinn on Who Doyle Really Is:
"He's a gambler, hustler, lunatic. He blends in in Los Angeles. Angel moves to L.A. and hooks up with me, and I'm kind of his spiritual, mentor guide. I'm half demon, half human, so I do that morph thing--but only when I get really mad. I'm definitely a good guy, though. I kind of lead Angel through trial and error.  I'm his spiritual guide, but I'm the last person on earth who wants to be in this position. I think I'm atoning for my own thing--which we don't really know about. I gets visions, and in turn, I talk to Angel about them--maybe I see a name or a face, and we go on that mission for the week."

David Boreanaz on Angel's First L.A. Encounter with Cordy:
"She's going on and on and on. Way over Angel's head. And Angel's looking at her like, What is she doing? She's freakin'! He's, like, 'Relax, calm down.' She's 10,000 miles ahead of him, and he's just sitting there. But he's happy to see her. You know when you haven't seen someone in a long time. It brings back memories for Angel, and I think it will definitely bring out some good humor in him."

Charisma Carpenter on Playing Cordy with Some Depth:
"I think she's a little fish in a big pond.  It's Cordelia having to tap into resources she's not used to.  She's gonna need to depend more on her survival skills, which she learned very well living on the hellmouth in Sunnydale. I think she's gonna have to find out the sense of her character within. There'll be some growth there, and that is good. Cordelia has depth, although she usually follows it with something snotty. "

Okay, there you have it from the sexy sources themselves. Of course, if you know me, you know I've dug up just a wee bit more on my own.  Come chat this Monday at 6 p.m. ET and hear all about it. Plus, find out who Ally's soaping up with and get a sneak peek at the WB's Popular. See ya then.

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