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Ultimatetv - Charisma will be with us in a couple minutes.

Ultimatetv - We still have a lot more stars coming your way!

Ultimatetv - Here we go - Charisma is here!!!!

Ultimatetv - It might be a good idea to resubmit your questions now.

Charisma Carpenter -- I want to do Buffy and Angel and then the overall layout, and David wanted me to come along, so what do you say?

Press Questions: ...relating to her decision to move to the new Angel series....

Charisma Carpenter-- I was extremely flattered. There was no script, nor any assurances that I would have a safety net.  The most important thing was that I come along if they [the writing and production crew] stayed along. I just get so enegerized and want to be a part of it. It's all so amazing. There isn't another leading man his [David Boreanaz] age, so he brings excitement!"

Ultimatetv presents the speaker with question #618 from Shalazar: Charisma - How do you feel the fan reaction to Cordelia will change with the birth of this newer, darker character?

Charisma Carpenter -- There in the early stages, it was darker. There is going to still be Cordelia, but with new experiences she didn't know of. I think she's going to have to find out the strength of the character. It's a lot of fun!"

Press Question: ...relating to her input to Cordelia's humorous character and lines...

Charisma Carpenter -- I don't remember most of the time. I'll say things at meetings and they'll laugh, but sometimes they will make little changes. We have amazing writers.

Press Question: ...regarding whether or not she'll appear in the Buffy Season 4 premier...

Charisma Carpenter -- I don't know if I will be in the season premier, I'm with Angel now. There may be a cross-over episode explaining Cordy's absence.

Ultimatetv presents the speaker with question #667 from ILuvDavid030: Did anyone cry on the last day of shooting Buffy?

Charisma Carpenter -- There was mixed emotions - both excitement and a feeling of loss. That [Buffy] was my family. We were all unknown, so it was a rush to experience it together. I don't know the exact thing it was but I remember doing a scene with Nick [Brendon], and he said one of this lines and it didn't dawn on me till later that it was my last line he would speak to me on Buffy."

Press Question: ...regarding why men like Cordelia so much...

Charisma Carpenter -- If men like my character, they may need to be analyzed. I guess men like women who may be flaky, and they wake up to. I honestly don't know what makes her sexy. But I'm a woman, you need to ask a man about that.  And [ask] wardrobe [department] too!

Ultimatetv presents the speaker with question #668 from Mesuvius: Hey Charisma! It seems that just about every time I read something about you the origin of your name is ALWAYS mentioned. What's a little known fact about yourself that you find more interesting?

Charisma Carpenter -- It's interesting that people are sick of hearing about my name too, because I'm sick of telling about it myself. I don't know what to tell anymore, but I appreciate the comments. I just hope journalist would stop asking me about my name.

Press Question: ...regarding favorites, like reading material...

Charisma Carpenter -- My favorite book is Conversations With God, but it's taking me forever to read it. I have to stop and write things in the margin. It's very thought-provoking.

Press Question: ...regarding expectations(?) or fears of interviews like this...

Charisma Carpenter -- I really hope my pants don't rip when I get up from an interview. I told the place I got them that they'd better not rip!

Charisma Carpenter -- Thanks for chatting with me!

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