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Cordelia's Way
A small fish discovers the big pond is teeming with sharks

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This isn't exactly how Cordelia Chase figured her life would turn out after high school.  WIth her father getting pinched for tax evasion, Cordy's college plans were also essentially seized by the IRS.  Always a survivor and too proud to admit that everything isn't coming up roses, the former queen of Sunnydale High packed her bags and headed for the bright lights of Los Angeles where it was just a matter of time before she'd be a big star.  Hitting all the fabulous parties and making many important contacts along the way, she seems like the old Cordy - self-assured, self-absorbed and bombastic to the core.  She knows what she wants, and she's determined to get it.

Pride keeps Cordelia from showing any hint of weakness, but privately, things aren't so good.  Holed up in a dingy little apartment where she wonders if she'll ever catch a break, the string holding her increasingly fragile world together is beginning to fray.  Auditions have become rare, money is low, and even her agent isn't returning calls.

A chance meeting with Angel, however, eventually helps her realize that a friendly face, even the face of a vampire, can be reassuring as it is rare in a city like Los Angeles.  Of course, it's in her own Cordelian-way that she allows her vulnerability to show when, as a grand gesture of charity, she offers to help her poor, struggling undead friend get his business off the ground.  She agrees to work in his office - but only when she's not on demand as an actress - and joins Angel and Doyle in their endeavor.  Of course, her offer came without an invitation, but it doesn't matter.  Angel can use a friendly face, even if it is the face of Cordelia.

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