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She's No Angel
Charisma Carpenter prepares for her spin-off. The Buffy star tells EW Online what's up with her new series -- and what she'll miss about the old one
By Liane Bonin.

Brace yourselves, ''Buffy'' fans. You won't be seeing much more of Angel and Cordelia -- at least not on that show. Stars David Boreanaz and Charisma Carpenter are being spun off into a new series called ''Angel,'' due to premiere this fall on the WB. While fans can expect the same witty wisecracks and kick-butt action sequences, Carpenter tells EW Online that her show offers a grown-up take on the underworld that leaves Buffy's high school high jinks far behind.

''It's going to be more adult-oriented for sure,'' Carpenter says. Since the show is still being tweaked, the 28-year-old actress can't spill too many gory details, though she will say that ''Angel'' focuses on Cordelia, Angel, and a third character named Whistler.  What's known for certain is that ''it takes place in Los Angeles, Angel is fighting demons, and we hook up,'' says Carpenter.

While taking the lead in the new series means Carpenter's ''responsibilities are going to increase tenfold,'' the actress is eager to assume her place as ''Angel'''s leading lady. ''With success comes pressure, and I welcome it gladly,'' she says.  Carpenter's confidence comes in part from knowing that ''Buffy'' creator Joss Whedon and director-writer David Greenwalt will also be pitching in with ''Angel.'' ''I just have to worship at their feet daily,'' she gushes.  ''Plus David loves writing for my character, and I think it shows. So I totally trust wherever he wants to take Cordelia.''

The former aerobics instructor and San Diego Chargers cheerleader admits there's one thing she's going to miss about her ''Buffy'' days: her cast-member buddies.  'I was very upset when I found out we would not be sharing a stage with 'Buffy,' which I thought we were going to until very recently,'' says Carpenter. So much for the saying, friends that slay together stay together.

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