The following article appeared as a sidebar in YM Magazine (Summer '98):

Behind the Scenes at Buffy

Why were your characters attracted to each other?

NB: Just chemistry. Itís purely a sexual relationship. You figure theyíve probably been thinking about it for ten years now.
CC: Weíre proof that opposites attract.

What was the first kiss like?

NB: We were both nervous. It was my first on-screen kiss, and it was lips and passion, unlike the Angel-Buffy kiss, which was very tender and sweet.
CC: Itís hard kissing someone youíre not in love with. I love Nicky. Heís my buddy. But kissingís intimate.

Okay, itís Saturday night. Thereís a dance. Whereís Xander? Whereís Cordelia?

NB: Theyíre stuck on the highway with a flat tire, and then they get to yelling, and then they just start making out on the side of the road. I donít think they ever make it to the dance.
CC: Actually, heís probably on the dance floor with Buffy, while Cordelia talks to Willow at some table in the corner. Thatís usually what happens.

And what do you think about that?

CC: I know this sounds crazy, but I get jealous for Cordelia. Like "Why are they dancing together? Arenít we a couple?" Itís funny.

Do you think itís possible to love two people at the same time?

CC: Xander does. [Actually,] I think he lusts for Cordelia, and he loves Buffy. I personally donít think itís possible to really love two people at the same time.

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