Here's what some members have to say about one of their favorite Buffy characters:

Why do you like Cordelia/Charisma?

One of the best sources of comic relief on "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer"! The most tense moments on the program all benefit from Cordelia's vain, snobbish, ditzy comments. Yet, as "Buffy" wears on, we are slowly realizing that, yes, Cordelia does have a heart buried under her perfectly applied makeup and her sleek designer duds.

She is so cool and funny..The way she acts in the show Buffy is great..She has a great at acting and she looks nice.

I just love her acting Plus she is very beatuiful and self confident.

Charisma Carpenter is very very sexy and extremely talented lady and is my ideal women.

Buffy needs a good brunette to off-set her.

I love the way cordelia is way witty... she has her own way of saying exactly what she wants..and she does it with chrisma and eas.

Cordy is so arrogant and self-involved that it's impossible to like to hate her!

Because she reminds me of so many of the girls in my clique. Some of the girls are so untactful that it's cute. But I think Cordelia has come a long way and CC is a wonderful actress.

British Angel
I'm a Cordelia fan because of all the changing that she's gone through and the way her character has developed. From selfish little snob to a nice person! She gave up her social status for Xander and really cared for him before (and I think after) the whole Xander/Willow thingy. She gave up her time (okay she often complained but she did it) to help out Buffy and the Slayerette's and she learnt to be a real person. That why I'm a Cordelia fan :0)

She is a terrific actress, who can actually play a snooty person you could love. She is definately one of the best.

I've loved Cordy since the first ep. She's the queen of mean, savy, and tells it like it is. Charisma carries her with such grace, and ease. Now that Charisma is going to be on Angel she'll be less of a bicha, and more done to earth. But, she'll still be the same Cordy, and I'm way excited about that.

A few reasons.  The first is because I think she is a good actress and plays the part of cordelia well. The other, well just look at her.

princess daria
Cordelia is just so darn spunky! she's fun. and Charisma seems like a very happy person. that's a great thing to see.

Le Freakface d'East Coast
Charisma is a very beautiful, well-talented actress. I can't wait to see her in a starring movie role.

because she is an awesome.  she portrays her character in such a way it is like you know her.  i also love the fact that she does alot of teen outreach and charity things

I find her interesting in that she's the only one who's laughing at Buffy although Buffy is the main and most attractive character.  Moreover I would be a lier if I didn't mention that she looks very pretty!!  That's why I could be considered as a Charisma or Cordelia fan.

Because she's a very talented actress. And plays a good bitch!

Beauty and talant says it all

I love her mean streak; sexy and angery.

butterfly princess
i think charisma is realy talented

Because Cordelia is just plainly a funny person, and it brigtens up my days. Also Charisma seems to be very nice, according to all the chats and interviews she's been in!

I'm a Cordelia fan because i think she is a great person.

Because I think she's a very talented and smart actress.

Cordelia could have easily become a very 2 dimensional character, but the character has grown wonderfully and that says a lot for Miss Carpenter's acting talent as well as Joss' writing.

she's so sarcastic & mean its funny

Because the actor is very good, her character was grow up every much.

I love her attitude and her style.  She may seem a bitch to most, but she's proven now and again that she does care...well, sometimes!

NJ Wicca
1/We share the same birthday, 7/23
2/I love her sense of style in clothes and in men
3/Her sarcasm is infectious

Seductive Spike
Cordy is a charactor that i just adore! Quick witted, has losts of one-liners, oh and is a real bitch! She can come out with the most outragous comments at the most inapropriate times! As I'm from Australia, Cordy hasn't left the buffy gang but I'm realy looking foward too seeing more of Charisma's acting talents in the highly awaited "Angel" Series!

Cordelia is so pretty! She is a very good actress also!

Cause she's CHARISMA! LOL...haha...No, really? OK...I Love Cordy, and ANGEL and I am making a website in tribute to them since they are leaving Buffy.

Because she's only bicthy on days that end in "y" :O)

She is witty and sensible amist her untactfulness, Examples:
(For sensible)"And do what besides be afraid and die?"-in return to Xander and Willow's idea to
rescue Buffy from The Judge
"Tact is just not saying true stuff, I'll pass"(for distact)
"Actually I'm looking forward to it, I do well on standardized tests -What?-I can't have layers?"(Wit
and Brains)
She has a good heart in her own little Cordelia world, that is what makes her great :)

She's pretty, witty, and a friend.  Great acting Charisma..and I know she'll do a great job on "Angel".

She's got class.

I love her dialogue and everything about her.

Her character tries to show that she is so tough yet she's really vunerable and does care what goes on around her.  She holds onto her popularity tightly as if that's the only true stable thing she has.  Charisma is a great actress especially with this role.

Werewolf, Where wolf?
I love Cordelia's catty comments and comebacks, plus Charisma has brought so much depth into the character...especially this season.

Because she says what is on her mind!

Cordelia brings a lot of energy to the show.  She's the voice of reason: the one who points out how bizarre and strange the Buffy and her friends' situation is.

I'm a Charisma fan because she is a great actress.

She's so smart and so... not. j/k She is able to handle both being popular and having a brain which is impressive to say the least.

What can I say? Charisma has- charisma! Her talent is easy to spot. A truly good actor is someone who can take on the movements, expressions, appeal, and attitude of "someone" else and have the viewers believe they are seeing something real. Charisma Carpenter has this gift.

I'm a CC fan because I love the show, and her in particular. She comes up with really funny lines, and she's cool.

I've been a fan since her Malibu Shores days. She's definitely the greatest "b-i-t-c-h" there is. Seriously, she's a great actress.

Charisma is the hottest chick in the entire universe, and I am spellbound.

i love the way she plays her role in buffy. she talented and im glad shes got her own show i wish her the best in everything she dose.
i also liked her in malabu shores she knows how to act so thats the important thing.

Cordelia is the one and only best bitch and Charisma is a wonderful actress to be able to pull the whole character off. They are both really sweet people.

At first I didn't like Cordelia because I thought she was a stuck up cheerleader.  Well she still is but I have to respect her because underneath that there is a nice sensitive person.  I also like how she will tell you how it is and has no quams about it.  She might act like a ditz who only cares about herself which is true to a point but she also cares about others.  I like her and a lot of my comments are out of jealousy because I wish I looked as good as her.

Tara M
Cause you gotta be a bitca to get somewhere in life!

"Because, her character, and the diffuculty in playing her character draws me to her."

"Is there a length limit on this thing?  <grin>  Seriously, I'll make it short. Charisma Carpenter has always been one of my favorite actresses because she brings such life to her role.  She can be humorous (seen in ALL episodes), bitchy (seen in the first season and mid-third season), and can break our hearts (think "Lover's Walk" people).  Charisma Carpenter has always been able to take the role of Cordelia in so many new directions - all of which I love.  Cordelia as a character is wondeful!  Sure, she's tactless but at least she lets people know where they stand with her.  Sure, she appears shallow but everyone who's been watching knows that she is a very deep person with hopes, dreams, and emotions of lonliness, fear, and loyalty.  How could you not love her.  Okay, I promised I'd be brief so I'll stop talking now.  <grin>  What can I say?  I truly admire both gals.

"I don't really know.  She's just always been my favorite character.  I was so sad when her & Xander broke up!"

"Charisma is my favorite actress and she showed me that I can be anything I wanted to be and I wanna be an actress just like her. I think I'm her number one fan. Even though she may not be that famous or I may not be that famous later in life there'll always be that one or more fans who made it all worth it. And I think I'm one of them."

"She (Cordelia) is so much like me!"

"I love how Cordy says things like it is. She always says the things I am thinking!"

blue eyes
"Charisma is a great actress and Cordelia is the perfect addition to Buffy. She is the perfect embodiment of the stuck up snob stereotype except she actually has a brain. She is also very funny and whether or not she likes it she is a member of the Scooby Gang."

"I like Cordelia because she is the average teenage girl with a little bit of spunk thrown in. She's a great role model."

"I'm a fan because without her BTVS could not be as great!"

"A Cordy fan cause, hey, the girl's really good at ACTING like she's a big snob, when she's really not!
A Charisma fan because she's got A LOT of talent and she's really full of potential!  She knows what she's doing....."

Christine M.
"Because Charisma is very pretty and talented. Also her scenes are very funny and her and Xander make a good couple."

Jeremy Ray
"I am a Cordelia fan (and a Charisma fan by association) because Cordelia has the most incredible quotes. She (Cordy) also has this tough quality that just really impresses me."

"I've been a huge fan of Charisma for a while now, she's such a wonderful talented actress and a great role-model."

"Because her attitude is so fun to watch!"

"I just recently became one [a fan]. It took me to realize that I love her work after  I read in the BVS mag. that she would be leaving the show. Then when I thought that she died in Lover's Walk I cried. That's when I realized that she is the coolest. But that was when I didn't know that she was going to 'Angel.'"

"Because when her dad lost all his money, she still had her pride and was able to zig Xander. :)"

EvilWillow Kitten
"How could anyone not [like her]??  Charisma is the coolest!  Without her Buffy the Vampire Slayer wouldn't be the same show!"

"Because she is the funniest woman to ever land on this earth (cordy of course) and because she is one of the coolest actresses that the tv world has seen in quite a while (charisma, duh!!!)"

"I like Cordelia because, underneath it all, she's a really strong person that's willing to help Buffy and the rest of the Scooby Gang."

"Cordy has come such a long way from the first season, and it's great to see that.  She adds so much to the show."

"Well, because while she does have a facade of being a snob, she is really a good person deep down."

"I love the way she is a super cow, but is totally hip and nice too."

The English Slayer
"Because she's kinda funny and also a bitca at the same time which is really funny...."

"Funny, beautiful, smart...  What more need I say?"

"She's the best bitca around! Always mood swinging, and always has a comeback! She kicks ass!!"

Blade-The Vampire Hunter
"I discovered Charisma Carpenter on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Since that time, she has consistently proven her acting professionalism.  Her character, Cordelia Chase, has always been one of my favorites.  Charisma has successfully navigated the character and expanded her depth and range."

"Because she is the biggest bitca of course! She is really funny on the show and beautiful and I think that people underestimate her at times but really we know that she has alot of depth to her character...Cordy rocks!"

"Because she's not afraid to say what she feels and even though she seems to try and hide it, she's really brave and smart. (She also dresses *really* well!)"

Buffy Anne Summers
"I'm a Cordy fan because she's cool, knows what she wants and goes after it."

"I sorta act like her. She has great sense in fashion, and she's got a strong vibe that goes with her"

"I think Cordelia Chase is a really strong person, who knows what she wants and gets it, and she has a lot of self confidence... sometimes a little too much..."

Mary Rose
"Cordelia is such an oxymoron. She can be a bitca one moment, and then incredibly sweet the next."

"I think she is way underrated on the show. I kinda' feel sorry for her."

"To be honest I have no idea why I like Cordelia--if I ever met her in real life I would probably absolutely hate her. Yet somehow Charisma manages to pull it off so that despite Cordelia's (cough) lack of tact and her habit of putting everyone else in "their place", I thoroughly enjoy watching her (in morbid fascination...<grin>)"

Cordelia is awesome. She's smart and  funny, and always says what's on her mind, and never lies. She has some of the best lines on the show, and is one of the most interesting characters.  Her relationship was great (while it lasted) because it brought out a softer side to her, but it still didn't kill why she's so special. Some people love to hate Cordelia. But I love to love her. She's misunderstood, really."

"Cordelia has been my fav character in Buffy since day one. She's the coolest, bitchiest, and best dressed on the show. She is the best thing that's happened to television since The Beatles were on Ed Sullivan."

"Are you serious? Just take a good look! Really, she has become one of the bright spots on TV. Her performance has improved by leaps since the first season. I'm glad to see that she'll have a chance to do some real work on Angel."

"I dunno, cause she's so darn cool, I guess. I would have stopped watching Buffy a long time ago if it wasn't for her acting. She's got great talent and and she garners sympathy for a character that could easily be one dimensional. It takes a good actress to be able to do that."

"Aside from the stunning good looks, her character offers some of the best comic relief moments in the show. Just when things are getting tense, you can count on Cordy for a good one-liner."

Rose Enigma
"Bitca says it all, as far as I'm concerned. :)"

"Cordy is one of the funniest characters on the show; her snobby behavior and catty remarks always are fun to watch."

"Shes the person who is funny even thought she doesnt even know it. Everything she says is funny because she is so clueless. I thought that she was the best when she was w/ Xander. She seemed to have a soul then. When she was w/ her Bitch crew she was all snobby. but she came down to earth when she found something more. When they broke up she still had a soul its just that she felt that she had to be mean. I would too. i just think that she wont stay mad forever. Shes a great actress and she has developed dramatically in the show."

"I'm a cordy fan because she says what she feels and doesn't hesitate to say her mind."

"Love Cordelia because she's usually the person among the Scooby gang who sees right through stuff and says what no one else dares to. Oh, and she's hot."

"Because her character seems to be the sort of stereotypical popular girl you might find at any high school - then you realize that she is definitely becoming her own very unique individual."

"She adds the comic relief to the show."

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