Graduation Day, Part I
originally aired May 18, 1999

Cordelia Synopsis

Well, the Cordelia synopsis is going to be very short this time as Cordelia was only in two very minor scenes.  The episode begins with Cordelia saying how she had lobbied for teal graduation gowns but obviously nobody listens to her as the graduation gowns are maroon.  Xander then mentions that he has a feeling that he won't leave Sunnydale High School alive.  Cordelia teases Xander but not in the same bitter way she had been before.

The next time we see Cordelia is when Anya tells Xander that she is leaving town because of the Ascension.  Cordelia notices and asks Xander what her problem is and he tells her that she is freaking out since the Mayor is going to kill them all at graduation.  Cordelia then asks Xander if he's going to skip 5th period and he says he thinks he will.

Most memorable line

Xander: I like the maroon...has more dignity.
Cordelia: Dignity?  You?  In relation to clothes?  I'm awash in a sea of confusion.
Most memorable scene

Well since there really isn't much of a choice for the most memorable scene in this episode, I'll have to go with the first one.  It was a nice reminder of a time when Xander and Cordelia playfully teased each other instead of being (in some cases) downright cruel.

What we learn

Story arcs Comments

Mesuvius: As far as Cordelia goes, this episode was terrible - two very short scenes with meaningless dialogue and a noticeable lack of involvement between her and the rest of the Scooby Gang.  Despite that, I loved this episode for other reasons (Buffy vs. Faith, build up for the Mayor's Ascension, the Amy rat mention, Giles putting a sword throught the Mayor, Buffy telling the council to get lost, etc...).  There's not really that much more to say other than that I really hope that we'll see more of Cordelia in the next part of the episode.

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