First season Cordelia showed us a spoiled, hilarious, popular cheerleader and bitca.  Although short, the first season provided us with some of Cordelia's best biting remarks.

"Ouch!!! Please get your extreme oafishness off my 200 dollar shoes!"  (submitted by Wendy the Slayerette)
The Harvest
Cordelia:  Senior boys are the only way to go. Guys from our grade, forget about it, they're children. You know? Like Jesse. Did you see him last night, following me around like a little puppy dog?  You just wanna put him to sleep. But senior boys, hmm, they have mystery. They have... What's the word I'm searching for? Cars!  I just am not the type to settle. You know? It's like when I go shopping.  I have to have the most expensive thing. Not because it's expensive, but because it costs more."
Girl:  You know, I...
Cordelia:  Hello, Miss Motormouth, can I get a sentence finished? Oh, I love this song! Come on!  (submitted by Mesuvius)
Invisible Girl (Out of Mind, Out of Sight)
"It was the most traumatic event of my life, and she was trying to make it about her leg, like my pain meant nothing!"(submitted by Mistiec)

Never Kill a Boy On The First Date

Cordelia:  Aren't there laws against this sort of thing? (walks over to Buffy and Owen) Owen! Look at you, here all alone...
Owen:  Cordelia, I'm here with Buffy.
Cordelia:  Oh! Okay. Do you wanna dance?
Owen:  No, I'm still here with Buffy.
Cordelia:  You are so good to help the needy.
Buffy:  Cordelia, Owen and I would like to be alone right now, and for that to happen, you would have to go somewhere that's away.
Cordelia:  Well, when you're ready for the big leagues, let me know.  (submitted by Mesuvius)
Prophecy Girl
after biting a vampire's hand "How do you like it?"  (submitted by Patricia)
Puppet Show
Cordelia:  What?
Giles:  I'm sorry...your hair.
Cordelia:  There's somehing wrong with my hair? Oh my God. (exits)
Giles:  Xander was right. It worked like a charm.  (submitted by Mikey)

"I, I can't go out there. All those people staring at me and judging me like I'm some kind of... Buffy! What if I mess up?"  (submitted by Bogus)

Teacher's Pet
"I don't know what to say, it was really, I mean, one minute you're in your normal life, and then who's in the fridge?  It really gets to you, a thing like that.  It was... let's just say I haven't been able to eat a thing since yesterday. I think I lost, like, seven and a half ounces? Way swifter than that so-called diet that quack put me on. Oh, I'm not saying that we should kill a teacher every day just so I can lose weight, I'm just saying when tragedy strikes, we have to look on the bright side. You know?"  (submitted by Mesuvius)
Welcome to the Hellmouth
"Isn't there an elsewhere you need to be?" (submitted by CordyKatie, Zak)

"What's your childhood trauma?" (submitted by Rose Enigma, CordyKatie, Vicky)

"I have to call everyone I have ever met." (submitted by Mina)

"Glad to see you've found the softer side of Sears"  (submitted by Mircalla)

The Witch
"I have a dream. It's me on the cheerleading squad, adored by every varsity male as far as the eye can see! We have to achieve our dreams, Amy.  Otherwise we... whither and die!"  (submitted by Tim)

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