You transfer to Sunnydale High your sophomore year of high school.  Do you have what it takes to be popular, maybe even one of
Cordelia's friends?  Take the quiz to find out.

1.) What is "so over"?

2.) Who does Buffy say "he needs to call me" in relation to?

3.) What are "trendy, but tasty"?

4.) What celebrity is "the devil"?

5.) What color are Cordelia's eyes?

6.) Why can Buffy skip the written popularity test?

7.) Who didn't Cordelia give permission to exist?

8.) Who does Cordelia accuse of having "supreme klutziness"?

9.) Why did Cordelia open the refrigerator to find a severed head in "Teacher's Pet"?

10.) In "Angel", Cordelia yells at Xander for...

11.) When Cordelia heard Xander say that Buffy was in love with a vampire, what distracted her so that she forgot she ever heard it?

12.) What song does Cordelia sing off-key for the school talent show?

13.) What special effect was Cordelia planning for her performance?

14.) What's the old adage that Giles tells Cordelia to alleviate her stage fright?

15.) One of Cordelia's worst nightmares is...

16.) Cordelia has her dress especially made for Spring Fling because...

17.) What title did Cordelia get for the Spring Fling?

18.) In her campaign, what does she hand out with a "C" on it?

19.) The sixth grade field trip involved "Be my deputy", a hat, and...

20.) The alumni lecture that was so boring was called...

21.) What does Marcie (the Invisible Girl) threaten to do to Cordelia?

22.) What does Cordelia get Willow to help her with in "Prophecy Girl"?

23.) In "Prophecy Girl", Kevin underestimates the power of Cordelia's...

24.) Cordelia saves Willow and Ms. Calendar in "Prophecy Girl" by...

25.) To what famous literature character does Cordelia say "color me totally self-involved" in response to?

26.) What is not only Cordelia's right, but her responsibility?

27.) What does Cordelia liken the Scooby Gang to?

28.) Why is the death of Emily in "Puppet Show" such a tragedy for Cordelia?

29.) What act does Cordelia have to follow in the talent show and why doesn't she want to follow it?

30.) Who does Cordelia say "Hello, salty goodness!" in response to?

What'd you get?

25 - 30: Cordelia expert.  Cordelia's replacement in Sunnydale has been found.  Get ready for some fierce competition.

18 - 24: You have what it takes to be a Harmony, but you're definitely no Cordelia.  If you're extra nice to Cordelia then maybe you can
climb up the social ladder.

12 - 17: Um, ok, did Cordelia give you permission to exist?  As long as you stay out of her way she'll keep the cruel insults to a minimum.

6 - 11: Sorry, but the fact that you don't know much about the most popular girl in school doesn't say much for you.  Cordelia therefore
has a duty to make fun of you whenever possible.

0 - 5: Lost cause.  You won't even be popular enough to be made fun of, and that's saying a lot.

Last updated: July 13, 1999

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