Buffy/Angel News
March 15
Production is starting to wrap up on Buffy and Angel for the year (maybe one or two more episodes to shoot), and there are only a handful of episodes left in the season.  What does this mean for us?  Well, rerun hell.  We'll have a new Angel on March 28th, but after that, the schedule is unclear.  It does look like we won't have another new episode for awhile after that.

March 7
Not really Angel news, but today is the CCC's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!  Thank you so much to everyone who made the CCC such a success.  Cordelia is truly a wonderful character and Charisma is an amazing and versatile actress.

In more Angel-related news, Buffy and Angel have already been given a full 22 episode order for next season!  So this means that we'll definitely have at least one more year of Cordelia to enjoy...

January 12
Charisma's up for a TV Guide award for Best Actress in a New Series!  Hurry up and send in your votes to TV Guide before the end of the month, because we all know she deserves to win this one. :)

Also, Charisma will be answering some questions at E!Online soon, so be sure to send in any questions you can think of.

November 24
Guess what?  Charisma Carpenter's engaged to be married!  Go to the articles section and read the newest article to see the announcement.

October 27
Apparently the WB has ordered 9 more episodes (after the original 13) of The Charisma Carpenter Show, aka Angel, which means we will get to see a full season of Cordelia! :) Also, next week's ep, "Room With a View", is "chock full o' Cordy" according to the writer Jane Espenson, so don't miss it!

October 21
Well, sorry that I missed updates during this exciting time for Cordelia fans, but I've had several stressful exams (and I have another round coming up in two weeks!).  You probably already know that the Buffy Soundtrack has been released, there was a Spike crossover, and that there are rumors of Glenn Quinn leaving Angel.  Also, did you know that Velvet Chain's Buffy EP (highly recommended by the CCC!) is now in national release?  Well, look forward to some good updates soon, and hopefully I won't get too involved with my exams again. :)

September 28
One week until the Charisma Carpenter Show (aka Angel)!  Now would be a good time to get excited.  In case you don't already know, Angel premieres at 9ET on October 5 on the WB, right after Buffy.


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March 7
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January 1
  - Happy 2000!  We reached our 200th member today! (fitting date)

The Charisma Calendar
March 21
  - Angel: "Somnambulist"

March 28
  - Angel: "Eternity"

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